5 ways to manage your time effectively

21 May, 2018By Biodiode 1 Comment

Time Saving Tips Let’s face it, we’ve all been there. No matter what you do there does not seem to be enough hours in the day to finish your latest project. In this blog post, I will give you 5 different ways to help manage your time more effectively when composing. 1. Set up a […]

Basic Recording Setup

02 May, 2018By Biodiode No Comments

What do you actually need for a basic recording setup? It is far less than you think. In this post, I will describe a basic setup of equipment that will get you started. The Computer – (£900 – £1600) The first item that you are going to need is a computer. In this department, you […]

5 Types of Ambient Lighting for the Music Studio

25 Apr, 2018By Biodiode No Comments

Ambient Lighting in the Music Studio Ambient lighting in the music studio can be a touchy subject. Some like to work in the dark with just the computer screen as the only source of light. Others though like to set an atmosphere with the lighting to help the creativity flow. In this article, I am going […]

Boosting Your Music Creativity Using Dice.

18 Apr, 2018By Biodiode No Comments

Boosting Your Music Creativity Using Dice If like me you have fired up your DAW with a burning desire to get the next track out. However, all you have is a blank screen. What if I told you there was a fun way to come up with musical ideas, a way to boost your creativity, […]

Meditation, has it a role to play in the creation process?

11 Apr, 2018By Biodiode No Comments

I would ask that you approach this article about meditation with an open mind. This is not a post about going out hugging trees or embarking on a journey to Tibet and joining a monastery. Approximately 18 months ago I set off on a journey to improve my musical output. The plan was to complete one […]

EP – Orbital Motion – Released

31 Mar, 2018By Biodiode No Comments

Today my debut EP has been released. You can purchase a copy by going to the Shop section of the website. The album consists of three brand new tracks and a bonus item from my catalogue. You can listen to the first track of the EP for free using by clicking here I would like to […]