Music Theory, is it necessary?

15 May, 2018By Biodiode No Comments

The perennial question; is it essential to know some music theory to compose and be a successful musician. This blog post was inspired by a recent forum conversation that I came across. It all started when someone asked whether it was essential to be classically trained and whether it gives an edge in composing. When talking […]

Dance Music Production – Scales Mouse Mat

06 May, 2018By Biodiode No Comments

Time for another quick review. This week we have a product from Dance Music Production or DMP for short. Apart from the fantastic book, Dance Music Manual, they also sell tutorials and helpful musical tools. One of these tools is a mouse mat, which comes in one of two varieties.  This is no ordinary mouse […]

Identifying the Key Signature (minor)

06 Apr, 2018By Biodiode No Comments

Let’s follow on from the last short tutorial and look at the music scale notes of minor keys. We will only look at those that use # in their key signature. Where it was easily recognisable to work out the key signature in Major keys by just moving up one line or space on the […]

Identifying the Key Signature (Major)

03 Apr, 2018By Biodiode No Comments

Do you ever look at sheet music and wonder what key the piece is in. Wouldn’t it be great if there was an easy way of identifying the key? Well, good news there is and I am going to show you how. This short tutorial is written to provide you with the tools to identify major […]