In the last article, I showed you where you could obtain free images to make your album art. Part two of this mini-series will show you how to make a basic album cover, this is nothing fancy and is the bare minimum you should do.

Step 1

First of all, we need to choose an appropriate picture for your album. For this consider the theme of the album, there is no point in making an ambient space music album and use a cover art depicting cats. So, lets head over to my favourite site for these types of images, In the search bar enter the subject matter that you would like to find an image on. For this example, we have made an album that has a space theme so let’s use the word ‘cosmic’. Simply, type this into the search field and you will be presented with a couple of images to choose from. For demonstration purposes, I have chosen the first image available. Simply click on the image and then download. Some images let you choose the pixel proportions so you do not lose information when resizing or squishing the image to save space.

Step 2

We now have our chosen image. Before going any further you should consider where you are going to position the text and the type of font you would like. Also, do you have a logo that you would like to include in the album art? Once you have considered your options head on over to where we will start to bring it all together.

Step 3

When loading up Pixlr you have two options. There is the  Pixlr Pro, which is a paid for version that provides additional functionality. However, we will be using the free version, so go ahead and click on the ‘Open Pixlr Editor’ option. You may be presented with a message about flash not being activated in your browser. If you are using Chrome or Edge then just accept the pop-up warning message and reload the webpage to gain access to the Pixlr interface.

Step 4

On entering the Pixlr interface you will be greeted with the option to ‘Create a new image’, ‘Open an image from your computer’ or ‘Open an image from an URL’. As we have downloaded the image select the ‘Open image from computer’ option, select the image from your computer and upload. Once uploaded all we need to do is put our title on to the chosen picture. On the left-hand side of the Pixlr interface is your toolbox to sculpt the picture to your liking. For now, all we need is the ‘add text’ tool.  This is the little box at the bottom of the toolbox that looks like the letter A.

This will give you a little I cursor to place on the picture. Just click where you would like to enter the text and enter the name of your album, you have chosen a name, haven’t you?

Step 5

When you have entered the text you will need to choose an appropriate colour and size. You will then have a nice shiny cover for the album. The next step is to go to file on the toolbar at the top of the page and save the final image to your computer. Mind that you do not save over the original image, that way you can re-edit the picture if you wish to change anything at a later date.

Although this has been a simple article I hope you have found it useful. If you have any topics that you would like me to blog about then please comment below or drop me an e-mail using the contact form.

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