Stack Mode in Omnisphere

Omnisphere – Stack Mode

We all know how powerful Omnisphere can be but how many have you explored the epic stack mode? This is not only a way of stacking various patches but provides another way to sound design.

I put together this little video that takes you on a quick tour of the stack mode within Omnisphere. I explore what it is, take you on a tour of the different modes and finish off with a little sound design using CC messages.

As you can see from this video, there is a lot of hidden depth to this section of Omnisphere. Whether you want to stack patches in the way I set out in this article or as a method of sound design, it is all at your fingertips.


I trust that you found this short tutorial helpful and has given you food for thought. A quick word on controlling stack mode with midi CC messages. If you have a controller keyboard you can assign any CC to control where the sounds overlap. This means that if you use the modulation wheel it doesn’t alter the texture or timbre of the actual sound as you sweep through the stacked patch.

If you have any questions about the stack mode that you would like answering please leave a comment below. Are there any topics that you would like me to consider for this blog, would you like to write a guest blog piece. If so get in touch using the contact form here:

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