I can provide you with music for your next project. Whether this is for advertising, television, film or games. Each track I produce is unique and will never be reused elsewhere. 

You can check out some of my projects here. There are more within the portfolio section. 

If you would like to use my services as a composer please get in contact.


I offer 3 kinds of teaching services:

For those just starting out in the music world. I can provide you with the building blocks to get you up and running. Each lesson will be tailored to your needs and we can go as slow or as quick as you would like.

In these one to one lessons I can provide you with the tools and knowledge to get you up and running in writing your first track. I will provide help in speeding up your workflow and getting your ideas out on streaming services.

I also provide help with using and understanding Spectrasonics Omisphere.

Sometimes when your ideas seem to up and leave, you just do not know how to move on and work past it. I can provide help and advice for when you hit that roadblock. 

In these one to one lessons I will provide you with hints and techniques on breaking that writers block.

Tracks Composed
Teaching Sessions Held


I can mix your new track. If you do not how to achieve a good mix it can make or break the track you have worked so hard on.

The service I provide will give you a track ready for the mastering stage. All you need to do is provide me with the stems and your vision of the track.

If you are interested in this service please get in contact and we can talk more

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