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Using Omnisphere to Control Another Synthesizer

Following on from the little walkthrough I did on the new sequencer features, one of my YouTube subscribers asked whether the sequencer section could be outputted to another synthesizer.

This cannot be achieved directly from within Omnisphere. However, you can export the sequence generated by Omnisphere through dragging and dropping a midi file into your sequencer.

Exporting MIDI as a Sequence Tutorial

Quick tip time on how to export the sequence as a MIDI file

So lets do a quick recap. You cannot directly control another synth through Omnisphere. However, you can create the sequence, export it as a MIDI file through drag and drop and use this to control another synthesizer.

External Synthesizers

Those of you who stuck to the end of the video will have heard me mention that this method can also be used to control an external synthesizer. By exporting the sequence as a MIDI file you also preserve the performance so that it sounds the same every time.

With the power of the Sequencer, it is very easy to make every pass of the sequencer sound different. Although this can add life to your composition it is also good to capture those groovy moments from time to time. This is where the MIDI export comes in. For example, the way an LFO controlling the resonator interacts with the delay and reverb settings you have put together.


I trust you found this little tip helpful and demonstrates the power of Omnisphere. If you have any questions regarding the video or Omnisphere in general, please leave a comment below.

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