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I will say welcome once again to my blog. Those of you have previously visited my site may be wondering what happened to all the blog posts. Long story short I changed web host and in doing so lost all my blog posts. 

The blog will be rebuilt with some of the previous articles. These will be re-written and updated as things have moved on in my musical journey.

Apart from the blog you probably noted that the whole website has had a lick of paint. It also runs a lot smoother than before. I put this down to my new web host SiteGround. They had a nice deal for a three-year hosting package. As I had heard such positive things about them I jumped ship and moved to them for hosting.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

So what do we have that’s new on the website. We have a separate page to showcase my music and videos. There are also some additions to the web shop, which will be expanding in the next couple of weeks. You will find new albums that you can purchase along with patches for Omnisphere.

I am working on an updated and refreshed article around building a minimal music setup. This will detail the bare minimum you need to create and record your own music. That’s all for this short post. 

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